Ragnar Westad

Photographer based in Oslo, Norway.

(C) All photos on this site. 





Left : ''Head'', by Markus Raetz, 1992. Switzerland. 

Right: ''Head'', by Marie and Sverre Westad, 1960. Norway. 

Photo related CV (for a complete CV please see the link to LinkedIn at the bottom of the page):


2012 November 01 - 05: Street photo workshop in Istanbul, Turkey by Bresson AS. Instructors: Bjørn Opsahl, Andreas Smaaland, Bruno Barbey.

2013 June 12 - 17: Rock Photo Workshop at the Norwegion Wood rock festival (Oslo, Norway). Instructor: Lynn Goldsmith.

2013 June 21 - 23: Nude photography workshop at Skrova, Norway. Instructor: Trond M. Skaret.

2013 Augst 30 - September 5: Street photo workshop in Los Angeles, USA by Bresson AS. Instructors: Bjørn Opsahl, Andreas Smaaland, Steve McCurry, Greg Gorman.

2014: Concert photo workshop at the by:larm festival in Oslo, Norway.  Instructors: Bjørn Opsahl, Paal Audestad.


2013: Completed a one year evening course at Bilder Nordic School of Photography, Oslo Norway.


2012 - : Permanent exhibition at Hamar Gamle Rådhus. Photos of artists that performed at the AnJazz Hamaer Jazz Festival from 2006 - 2011.

2014 - September 03 - 14: The exhibition "about time..." at the Kan-skje gallery in Oslo, Norway. Selected photos based on the portfolio made during the studies at Bilder Nordic in 2013.